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Our Commitment

Mission Statement:
Jonesboro Fire Fighter’s Local 3718 Peer Support's mission is to recognize that all fire service members are human and will be exposed to and experience emotions.
Jonesboro Fire Fighter's Local 3718 Peer Support Team Members will provide a safe,
non-judgmental and confidential environment where members can engage in a healing conversation with a peer.

Vision Statement:
Jonesboro Fire Fighter's Local 3718 Peer Support seeks to contribute and provide
emotional wellness resources that are readily needed in the fire service.

Value Statement:
Jonesboro Fire Fighter's Local 3718 Peer Support values the concepts of Brotherhood and Sisterhood in which firefighters and first responders have supported one another. This includes understanding that we have a duty to all our of our members, and a duty to stand ready to assist in any way that we can.

Areas of Support

We as a peer support team would like to be available to offer assistance with the daily struggles as well as the acute struggles of our members. We have providers set up to reach a multitude of issues including trauma processing, substance abuse, financial issues, spouse and family issues, job related issues, fitness and health issues. If you are struggling to deal with anything we will work to find exactly the help you are needed. Whether it be a conversation with a peer or more advanced assistance. PLEASE REACH OUT!!!

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